Heather Peace is releasing her new single, “We Can Change,” today, just in time for Pride. The out actress/musician created a huge rainbow road in her hometown of Brighton, which you can see in this video.

“We Can Change, is my big gay anthem,” Heather said in a press release. “It’s an empowering tribute to equality and I wanted the crossing to be a beautiful symbol to represent that during LGBT Pride month. It’s a gift from me to anyone that embraces diversity.”

Heather Peace's bumpy exit from "Waterloo Road"

In January, it was announced that Waterloo Road actress Heather Peace (who played lesbian character Nikki Boston) would be leaving the series to focus on her musical career. Fans were certainly disappointed, but hoped for the best when it came to closing out Nikki’s storyline. Shortly thereafter, reports surfaced that Nikki would be involved in a love triangle with girlfriend Vix and fellow teacher Hector, disappointing some fans at what was seen as a tropey turn of events. As a viewer, my default is always that story is king. Unfortunately, what followed was an uneven season with a slapdash resolution that felt neither satisfying, nor worthy of Nikki’s journey.

Heather Peace talks “Waterloo Road” and her new album in the works

Heather Peace has had quite a successful career, but the actress really stole our collective lesbian heart on the Scottish television series Lip Service as DS Sam “Hot Cop” Murray, a police detective who was both tough and tender. While the series was not renewed after its second season, Heather Peace has continued to stay on our radar in a big way. A singer/songwriter to boot, Heather released her album Fairytales in 2012, which was followed by a sold out concert tour of the UK and Australia. The out actress currently stars on the popular BBC1 series Waterloo Road as teacher Nikki Boston, who also happens to be a lesbian. Waterloo Road just kicked off its tenth season and Heather took some time to chat with us about her character Nikki, and her brand new album due out this spring.

Continued on AfterEllen…

Our sixth and final contender for the Hottest Hookup Visibility Award is Sam and Lexy from Lip Service. Mourning the loss of your girlfriend who got hit by a car while texting the woman she was cheating on you with never looked so good! 

Heather Peace fans, this is all you.

Last year we asked Lip Service’s Heather Peace what her list would be for AfterEllen’s Top 100. Polls open for 2012 on Monday!

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Heather Peace smiles and has an accent while introducing her new music video.