"Girls" recap (3.5): A Merkin Out the Door

I wonder if people consider their Klout score when deciding to attend funerals, where it’s deemed appropriate to melodramatically gesticulate to other people about how close they were to the rigor mortis body-in-a-box, like desperate stars clinging to their little golden men.

“Can’t you mourn quietly?!”

I’m with you, Adam.

"Girls" recap (3.3): "She Said OK"

It’s Hannah’s birthday and Adam’s sister comes to visit.

Feminist Friday: The Freakout Over Nude Girls

Lena Dunham, Aisha Tyler, Frangela, and Gina Carano make the feminist news this week.

Lena + Jemima = GIRLS on GIRLS
Girls actress Allison Williams wants to French her co-star.

I’m not gay, I was just trying to be free.

Jessa and Marnie make out on Girls.

Tako. Um, it’s with a K. I can usually tell when someone thinks it’s with a C.

The lesbian on Girls.

When I ran into Lena Dunham at SXSW, she told me there will be a lesbian character toward the end of Season 1 and definitely more of a lesbian storyline in Season 2, if there is one. Lena doesn’t live in a straight-girl-only fantasy, thankfully, so if Girls will truly be reflective of real live girls in their 20s, more ideas about sexuality will be on display or at least discussed. After all, they talk about everything else.

What you will and won’t like about “Girls”