Gossip - “Get a Job”

You know, I was inspired by bands like Team Dresch. We came of age at a time before the Internet, so we were just creating in our own minds what we thought punk rock should look like….which, as you can imagine, looked just totally crazy. It was about having a big bouffant and wearing some raver pants. That was our version. Still, I know how hard it was for a lot of the bands that we really worshiped…not just to be queer, but even to be outspokenly feminist.

Beth Ditto is punk as fuck. (From today’s Morning Brew.)

Beth Ditto brings her mom with her to MAC.

Now you can let loose with A Joyful Noise!

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Gossip - “Move in the Right Direction”

A Joyful Noise is out today!

Beth Ditto and Kristen Ogata kissing all over the Cannes red carpet. Love.

You can stream these Divas’ new album right now.

BURP. Go ahead, keep that in.

Behind-the-scenes of Gossip's “Perfect World” music video.

Gossip’s new video for “Perfect World.” Very Madonna “Like a Prayer” meets “Papa Don’t Preach.”