Feminist Friday: When Your Boss Has Control of Your Lobby

This Week: A sex strike in Ukraine and lady knights.

Feminist Friday: "Anita" Reminds us of Dunderheads Past

This Week: Felicia Day and derby princesses.

Feminist Friday: Oh, good. More reasons to prosecute women.

This Week: Rachel Maddow, Meryl Streep, and ladies hitting on you.

Feminist Friday: Oklahoma Is a Sandwich Short of a Picnic Basket

Pussy Riot on Stephen Colbert! Married Scots! Women’s hair!

Feminist Friday: Uncontrolled Libidos.

Cate Blanchett and Sarah Silverman are not having it; Michelle Obama dunks your face off.

This Week in Ladybits: Wednesday was the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, and, wow, reproductive rights are in one hell of a perilous position lately. Even protective buffer zones around clinics are under attack. And even though that seems impossible, there’s a faction of the GOP that still wants to push harder to shut down reproductive rights.

Feminist Friday: The Freakout Over Nude Girls

Lena Dunham, Aisha Tyler, Frangela, and Gina Carano make the feminist news this week.

Feminist Friday: Sasheer Zamata is ready for Not Ready for Primetime

Plus Buffy’s legacy, Meryl’s umbrage, and Laverne Cox’€™s grace.

Feminist Friday: Ladybits v. Catholic Hospitals, rad female TED talks, ‘rape insurance’, and Evan Rachel Wood slamming Hollywood’s sex double standard. 

Feminist Friday: Ladies Don'€™t Make Jokes About Fingerblasting

Out LGBT candidate Mary González  won a Democratic primary for a seat in the Texas House of Representatives. Since she has no Republican opponent, she wins the seat and will become Texas’s only out LGBT legislator. Well done, El Paso. 

Feminist Friday: You Will Root for a Woman to Stay in the Mall