Kara Laricks is showing at Fashion Week. Can’t wait to see her stuff.

Kara Laricks wins at Fashion Star, life.

Back when she was just the woman that created the collar/tie accessory, we spoke with the star of Fashion Star, Kara Laricks. Check out our interview.

Kara Laricks' shirtdress from this week’s Fashion Star.

Nicole Richie was Kara’s mentor this week, and asked her to make full-on suits. And with the drop-crotch on the twill pants and rad plaid pattern, Kara won praise from Jessica Simpson, who said her crush on Ross was over; she has moved on to Kara. Smart woman.

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Kara's shirt dresses were cute, but failed to pique the interest of the buyers, who said they wouldn't bring people in from the street to the stores. Despite not getting a buy, she was saved this week and not in the bottom three. Her potential is obvious and I bet she'd never call these “the boyfriend shirt” or something dumb like that.

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Kara Laricks models this week’s winning jacket, on sale at Saks. I need it.

Saks Fifth Avenue picked up Kara Laricks’ tailcoat jacket. Hot.
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From what I can tell, Kara Laricks and her GF are real cute together.