Facebook's Brielle Harrison and Sara Sperling on the new custom gender options

On February 13, Facebook gave the U.S. LGBT community the best Valentine’s Day gift ever when they added 50 new custom gender options for those who live outside the usual female-male binary. I didn’t even know there were 50 options, but for the approximately 700,000 Americans who identify as trans, this historic change is a boon. In a social media world where we share where we are, who we’re with, how we feel, and what is that thing we’re eating, trans folks can finally share the most basic fact of all: Who we are.

How to own Valentine's Day on Facebook

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us, and we’re here to help you help yourself make it out unscathed. Scientifically speaking, lesbian/bisexual women have 300 to 600 percent more feelings than an average human, and so on the one day of the year devoted entirely to feelings, things are bound to get tricky—especially on that behemoth social network that taught us oh so long ago that relationships aren’t exactly binary. You can be: Single. You can be: In a Relationship. Or you can be: It’s Complicated. But you don’t have to be: The Vaguely Unpleasant. Below are some handy tips to help you own Valentine’s Day on Facebook, no matter your relationship status.

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