Morning Brew - Ellen Page and Evan Rachel Wood are tomboys together

Ellen Page and Evan Rachel Wood are the cutest co-stars.

Feminist Friday: Ladybits v. Catholic Hospitals, rad female TED talks, ‘rape insurance’, and Evan Rachel Wood slamming Hollywood’s sex double standard. 

Did any of these besuited ladies make your Hot 100 top ten this year? 


"I think if there was ever a time to come out, now would be the time. And if I can use my status to draw awareness and get people talking about it, then that means the world to me. So that’s really why I did it. And it was such a relief, you know? It’s a part of who I am and it has been for so long and I was proud of it and I wanted people to know that side of me. My friends knew since I was in middle school or freshman year, they all knew. My parents, even though they are really open-minded liberal people, I was so nervous to tell them. They were amazing and supportive and they didn’t have a problem with it. So I came out to everyone first."

Evan Rachel Wood on her queer roles, educating others about bisexuality and her preference for suits

Why must their husbands exist?

Evan Rachel Wood gets her nose pierced like a boss.

Ellen Von Uwerth can make women do anything she asks, including Evan Rachel Wood for Flaunt.

I don’t know if they’re married, but I sure like Evan Rachel Wood's outfit.