Lesbian directors, actors and more in "Reel to Real: Portrayals and Perceptions of Gays in Hollywood"

From Marlene Dietrich to Ellen DeGeneres, the new exhibit celebrates LGBT achievements in film and TV.

Ellen and Ellen: Where we are with coming out

17 years after Ellen DeGeneres came out, Ellen Page’s own coming out process shows how far we’ve come, and what we still have to gain.

Morning Brew - Ellen's "One Big Happy" picked up at NBC

Ellen DeGeneres‘s new lesbian-inclusive comedy has been picked up at NBC. Ellen is executive producer of One Big Happy, while Liz Feldman is writing the show.

Plus Ellen Page at the “X-Men: Days of Future Past” premiere and more.

The Huddle: Un-Coming Out

Sexuality is a damned hard thing to wrap our minds around, and certainly to agree upon. Very often public figures comment on their own identities and the queer community feels ownership and pride—until those identities change. Anne Heche might be the most infamous when it comes to having dated Ellen DeGeneres and later saying she “changed her mind” about being gay. Just this week, Jessie J took to Twitter to say her own bisexuality was a phase.

While it’s true that celebrities, like anyone else, have the right to their own private life and identities, it’s hard not to be affected by their statements, especially when they echo the kinds of arguments that opponents of equality use against us. So this week’s Huddle is all about that: Was there someone whose reneging on their sexuality particularly disappointed you?

Watch now! Brandy Clark sings "Stripes" on "Ellen"

The out country star performers her single about jealousy and cheating.

Ellen rocks the Oscars, looks amazing in a tux

Before we get into the highlights of the 86th Annual Academy Awards (The Oscars, if you’re nasty), let’s take a moment to bask. Ellen DeGeneres, arguably the world’s most famous lesbian and your grandmother’s favorite person, hosted the event, rocking tux after fabulous tux. Yes. An out lesbian wearing designer tuxes, hosted the freaking Oscars. Are you thoroughly basked?

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Ellen Degeneres Opening Monologue for the 2014 Oscars

LESBIAN SOLIDARITY we will take over the world with humor and fresh kicks. 

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Ellen DeGeneres’ best joke from her opening Oscar monologue.

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