Imogen finally sees some action on "Degrassi"

After months of waiting, Imogen Moreno finally got some airtime on Degrassi in episodes 19 and 20 (“Dig Me Out” and “Power to the People”) as she fought the good fight and—with the help of her new BFF, Becky Baker—protested the school’s sexist dress code.


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Fiona and Imogen = yes. Eli = no.

Jordan Todosey and Annie Clark at the GLAAD Awards

“I’ve wanted to do that for so long,” Imogen giddily confesses, but “I don’t know what it means.” “I hope it means that you like me,” Fiona cheekily responds, to which Imogen gives her best “duh” face. “Could I be more obvious?” she says. - SBK Weintraub

"Degrassi: New Beginnings" SnapCap: "In the Cold, Cold Night, Part 2”

Adam shows up to the blind date, trying to think positively about the possibility of meeting someone new, only to discover his date is a guy named Tristan. After a quick moment of shock, Adam clarifies that the rainbow pin on his backpack doesn’t mean he’s gay. There is a T in LGBT, after all. - SBK Weintraub

"Degrassi: New Beginnings" SnapCap: Smash Into You, Part 2

Ology has the best recap of Degrassi: New Beginnings this week - besides ours, that is.