Joanna will definitely be back, if only for a day or two here and there. And once her schedule backs off a bit I want her back for something meaty. We may not see Karen for the time being but we’ll play her as if she’s still around and that she and Dani are still a happy couple. [Laughs] I’m not going to have Dani go off and seduce one of our guys.

The lesbians are sticking around on The Bold and the Beautiful! We need a name for Karen and Dani. Kani? Daren?

You know how some women get cast as lesbians and then are forever called up when a network is like “We need someone to play gay. Go get that girl who has done it before!” Crystal Chappell is that woman for soap operas. She’s joining the cast ofBold and the Beautiful as one of Caroline’s moms. This is my soap, guys, so I’ll be seeing how it all goes down when Crystal shows up as Karen’s (Joanna Johnson) boo mid-May.

Morning Brew - Thurs. April 12: Crystal Chappell to play a lesbian on “Bold and the Beautiful,” Jessie J on her sexuality