2013: The Year In Lesbian/Bi Movies

The face of lesbian cinema is changing and heaven knows, it’s been a long time coming. Our stories are now being told in deeper and more interesting ways. Thanks to social media and the overall relaxing and accepting attitudes toward the gay community, we have a larger voice than ever before. For the first time ever, a movie with two queer female lead characters won the Palme D’Or at Cannes. The world is watching, and because of that, we can have much more nuanced and thought provoking films about our lives, loves and losses. Sure, plenty of tropes are still alive and well, but that certainly doesn’t only apply to lesbian/bisexual characters. As we evolve, as society evolves, so does our art…or perhaps it’s the other way around. Here’s a round up of the mega hits, the misses, and everything in between. 

The trailer for Concussion is finally out. We talked with producer Angela Robinson last month.

It’s a fantasy of a mid-life crisis. A fantasy of what one could do, played out in a film. It’s about a woman who feels like she has little time left in this gorgeous body, and wants to use it. And her wife is not so interested.

Abby becomes a prostitute and trespasses on the vows of her marriage. But there’s a part of her marriage that is sacrosanct, and she will not trespass on it. No one has a name. It’s Woman 1, Woman 2, Woman 3. It’s fulfilling a desire to have sex without invading into intimacy, if that makes any kind of sense.