Morning Brew - Mia Kirshner goes to Netflix

Plus Carrie Brownstein joins the cast of “Carol” and more.


I love you guys.  You made this the best Bastille Day ever.

Oh yes, all of this.

Carrie Brownstein is inspired by Miranda July.

Carrie Brownstein buys the Rookie Yearbook and vegan cookbooks.

"We have 13 vagina pillows."

"That’s one room."

Carrie Brownstein is back in Portlandia on January 4!

Real life lesbian Leslie Gore loans her song “You Don’t Own Me” to Miranda July, Carrie Brownstein, Sia, Mae Whitman, Lena Dunham and all-around-amazing women.

p.s. who is that babe holding the “girls” sign?!

I think it probably helped some young people who were coming to terms with their own sexuality, and that is a good thing.

Corin Tucker on being outed in SPIN back in the ’90s

Carrie Brownstein and Karey Dornetto from Portlandia at the Creative Emmys

Carrie Brownstein is writing a memoir about “her life in music.” I hope there are chapters on 1. dating Corin Tucker and 2. where she got this blouse.