Is Naya Rivera leaving? Is Brittana endgame? 7 burning questions for the return of "Glee"

We’re only a few short days away from the return of Glee and the rumor mill is spinning golden gossip faster than Rumpelstiltskin on speed. According to every cast member, writer and producer, enormous changes afoot for the show we all love to hate (and hate to love) (and hate to hate). Here are the seven burning questions we’re afraid of having answered.

There’s so much to say about tonight’s Glee, but let’s not think at all for a little while, OK? 
Brittana in Archie Comic form

Now that’s an entrance.

(Brittana + Faberry) - (Brittany + Rachel) = Quinntana?


It’s good that [Santana] moved on and kind of gave me room to figure it out, because I don’t think that they were great for each other, even though they’re best friends.

Heather Morris on Brittana from the set of Glee
SnixxMas tells us this is why Santana Lopez deserves the Visibility Award for Favorite Lesbian/Bi Character. Fair enough! 

Your favorite les/bi characters/couples respond to their current rankings in our AfterEllen Visibility Awards. Poor Santana has never lost a lesbian competition in her life. (Hash Tag: Bo Swag.) 

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