"Pretty Little Liars" recap (4.15): I Kissed a Ghost and I Liked It

Previously on Pretty Little Liars, Caleb returned to Rosewood to break up with Hanna because being best friends with a ghost for three years did not prepare her to understand how he is now best friends with a ghost. Ezra enticed Aria to go for a ride with him to his murder cabin by waving some feathers out the window of his car, all, “Hey, little girl…” Spencer agreed to help Toby help her dad shut down Radley for good, even though her brainspace and heartspace aren’t quite ready to let the secrets (and secret lesbian zombie waltzes!) of that place go. And Emily lost her damn mind trying to wrap it around the fact that the first murdered girl she loved had risen from the grave.

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One of the most fascinating things about PLL fashion is — well, I mean, obviously the most fascinating thing is that Mandi Line is a wizard. But it has been so interesting to watch how she has allowed each of Liars’ styles to evolve over the years while making very, very sure to keep their aesthetic as teenager-y as possible. The biggest transition from actor-to-character in recent years has been Shay to Emily, because every year of her life, that girl just gets sexier and sexier. So, they do the best they can. Ponytails and layers and vests and everything, but I guess sometimes there’s nothing you can do to combat the sheer power of her whole sexual deal, so you’ve just got to be like, “Fuck it, dim the lights and let’s hope the camera doesn’t catch on fire.” Which is exactly what’s happening right now as Emily and Paige lounge around in her bedroom talking about colleges. I mean, honestly, if you’re not legitimately hypnotized by that shirt and those shoulders and that collarbone and all that glorious, unleashed, disheveled hair, I think you’d better go with Jenna to the basement of Rosewood General Hospital and buy yourself a new pair of eyeballs.

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