We’re ranking all current lesbian/bi TV characters from best to worst least best, and we need your help! Hop on over to AfterEllen and vote for your top 10 characters on currently active shows (even if they’re off-season, or on international TV, or Netflix!). We’ll reveal the results the first week of November.

Whether you’re Team Valkubus, Team Doccubus, or Team Whoever Ali Liebert’s Lost Girl Character is Going to Be, one thing we can all agree on is that we’re Team Anna Silk. Did you vote for her in the AfterEllen Hot 100 this year?

Voting is now open for round two of our AfterEllen March Madness: Best Lesbian/Bi Character Ever tournament, and if you thought the match-ups in round one were rough, wait’ll you get a load of these. 

Hey, Bo and Lauren, what makes you think Lost Girl deserves the Hottest Hookup trophy in the AfterEllen Visibility Awards


Oh my. 

Your favorite les/bi characters/couples respond to their current rankings in our AfterEllen Visibility Awards. Poor Santana has never lost a lesbian competition in her life. (Hash Tag: Bo Swag.) 

You can vote once per hour until Jan. 2nd. 

Bo and Kenzi just checked in on Lost Girl's standings in the AfterEllen Visibility Awards.