Ali Liebert has never made our Hot 100 before, but something tells us she’s going to debut near the top this year! Vote now! 

Kate asks Betty to be her maid of honor, which carries with it the dubious privilege of planning her bachelorette party. And you know I love Betty, but I like Vera to plan my lesbian sex parties.

Bomb Girls recap: Bee with an Itch

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Our Dateability Index ranks current lesbian/bi characters on a scale of 1 to 5 Emily Fitches. How date-able is your favorite? (Not based on hormones! Based on science!)

The three closest match-ups in round one of AfterEllen’s March Madness: Best Lesbian/Bi Character Ever competition. Voting is open until tomorrow night at midnight

Don’t you desert Betty too! She’s making a strong stand against Santana and Paige in the AfterEllen Visibility Awards for Best Les/Bi Character

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Your favorite les/bi characters/couples respond to their current rankings in our AfterEllen Visibility Awards. Poor Santana has never lost a lesbian competition in her life. (Hash Tag: Bo Swag.) 

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