Geek Out: "Batwoman" and "Batgirl" get gayer this month

"Batwoman" introduced a new recurring lesbian character and Barbara Gordon’s bisexual, trans roommie got some action.

Watch now! Rachel Maddow talks Batwoman on "Seth Meyers"

Last night on Late Night with Seth Meyers, Rachel Maddow stopped by to talk about the Boston Red Sox and comic books. Specifically, Batwoman. I mean…swoon.

I also love this line she gave when Seth calls her his dream woman: “You can’t be in a relationship with someone with whom you have the same hair.” Oh, but so many double homos do.

Batwoman #25 review: More like Blahwoman #1, am I right?

Sune is smitten with Batwoman already, and she can barely keep her hands off of her when she removes her cape and cowl and starts dressing for the party. They flirt, they banter, Sune proposes the superhero equivalent of marriage when she blurts out, “I want to be allied with you!” And despite her code of ethics and her commitment to Maggie, Kate’s kind of feeling it. - Heather Hogan

Gotham City is a hotbed of lesbian action in “Batwoman #9”

I want Kate Kane and Renee Montoya to get back together because, lesbian crimefighting team? Amazing. - The Linster Huddle: Couples we want to reunite

Batwoman ends up crashing Detective Sawyer’s criminal transport party (Why is Maggie so sexy captaining that ship?!) and accidentally shooting her up with the industrial strength elephant tranquilizer mixed with Scarecrow fear gas that Sawyer gave her in issue #7. Just when you think their love life couldn’t get any more tortured! - Heather Hogan

Things get dicey for Maggie and Kate in “Batwoman #8”