Anonymous asked: Ur pretty :)

Thank you! I try. 

Anonymous asked: Consider me vying. Vying hard. Vying way hard. I would relocate to be your sidekick and tumbl on a friday night. *vies*

Vie away. 

Vie me away. 

Try to vie.

If at first you don’t vie, vie vie again. 

Vie with the wind. 

Vie or die. 

Anonymous asked: Yo, if that changes and you could get a sidekick/intern/work pal you just let us know.

No I could totally get a sidekick. Just not an intern. I, personally, could acquire a sidekick if I so chose. AE, the website, will not be getting interns. You may still vie for my sidekick position. 

Anonymous asked: Are u single

Obviously. Otherwise I would be spending my Friday night differently. Also I’ve said before tumblr is my girlfriend. You’re welcome for being your secret girlfriend. 

Anonymous asked: CONTEST TO BE YOUR SIDEKICK. After all, it's considered cooler to stay in on a Friday if it's with a pal, right?

YAY I so so want a sidekick.

thegaywomenchannel asked: FRIDAY NIGHTS ON TUMBLR. REPRESENT.


Friday night is about to pop off. So what’s new with ya’ll?

Anonymous asked: Was it difficult coming out?

Yeah. Coming out sucks. But then it’s over. 

Anonymous asked: How did you get started with AE? Did you stumble across it one day as a young gay lady, or find a hilarious vlog, or maybe you were looking around for your favorite show, tell us a story

I started reading AE years ago when I was coming out in college and spent a lot of time on the internet being vaguely sad and reading blogs by lesbians. Then last year I send in some writing samples and was like ‘You should hire me’. I didn’t hear back for a couple months, then when AE got the site redesign in August Trish emailed me and asked for some sample articles. I remember being super excited and the article I sent in was about Boy Scouts and I think the intro line got me this gig. Something like ‘Boy Scouts is finally allowing gay members, which is great news for young boys who like to wear vests’. 

I’m supposed to vlog for AE and am relatively funny but I don’t have time to do or learn editing/techy stuff so its fallen by the wayside. If anyone in LA wants to be my sidekick hit me up. OMG WE COULD HAVE A CONTEST. 

Tonight I will answer whatever questions because I’m staying in alone on a Friday night LIKE A COOL PERSON and if you don’t want to see the responses, just ignore them, I’ll stop tomorrow.

Anonymous asked: cholechloechloechloechloechameleon

….. what?