can you imagine how much pomade it takes to keep badass hair casually tousled 

Fight the Fear and the importance of self-defense

Inspired by the murder of a Seattle lesbian, Brandi Carlile’s charitable project seeks to help empower women.

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"Orphan Black" recap (2.01): Clones as Clones on Clones

Sarah dresses up as Cosima to face Rachel…and gets a kiss from Delphine.

AE Exclusivie Interview: Kristen Merlin on Shakira's Sapphic video and singing country while gay

The Boston-based country singer is one of the most talented in this year’s competition, and that’s not my lady-loving bias, that is straight from the mouth of Adam Levine. My bias comes in when I say, HOW IS SHE SO HOT?! If you haven’t tuned in yet this season, or ever before, now is your time. Seems Kristen is positioned to win the entire competition with her pop-country swagger, fast vibrato and have I mentioned how energetic, personable and seriously, the hot thing? Now all she needs is votes, which I think we can handle. I for one am not opposed to breaking out the puffy paint to go to town on some T-shirts. Team Merlin is on the prowl.

And the winner of the Lesbian/Bi Character Hunger Games is...

The final few days of voting were fraught!

Morning Brew - Laura Prepon will definitely be back for Season 3 of "OITNB"

Plus Abby Wambach on not being an LGBT spokesperson and more.