"Once Upon A Time" star Lana Parrilla talks SwanQueen, fan art and Season 4

The SwanQueen fandom grew and grew with each passing episode, and this year, in the third annual Femslash Madness Tournament, SwanQueen was crowned victorious.

We reached out to Lana Parrilla to chat about her win, her thoughts on SwanQueen, and what we can look forward to seeing Regina get up to in Season 4. 


Kelly Kopen

This is my fearful public speaking face, last seen last Friday at Soho House 

NYC Lesbians VS. LA Lesbians

Writing about my gay escapades during trip to NYC last week and I’m inspired (aka think it could be hilarioussss) to make a listicle breakdown of the Differences Between lesbians in Los Angeles and lesbians in New York City. 

So, homos of LA & NYC, what are the biggest differences between Los Angeles Girls and New York girls?