Jul 30

Watch Now! Rhea Butcher and Cameron Esposito take on Tegan and Sara -

"Are you asking us because we’re lesbians?"


Anonymous said: Don't worry, we all get a case of 'The Shames' every now and then!

Thank you <3 I caught up on work and feel better. 


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Watch now! VICE films the plight of LGBTQI Jamaicans -

Corrective rapes and violence threaten the lesbian and bisexual women of Jamaica.

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Anonymous said: Chloe where are you, you haven't been posting as much.

Working punctuated by pinot grigio and crying in alleys over not getting all my work done and feeling guilty. 

I call it ‘the shames’. 

Anonymous said: Are you guys hiring? I'm good at ordering coffee.

I think we’ve got coffee on lock but if you’re a writer with pitches, go ahead and shoot them over to

That’s how I did it! xo 

The Most Lesbian/Bi Tidbits from San Diego Comic-Con 2014 -

The panels, TV shows, people and more you’ll want to know about.

after a good first date

after a good first date

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