Dianna Agron and Paz de la Huerta play lovers in Purple Milk's "Bare"

The women behind “Be Here Nowish” have wrapped their new film with the “Glee” star in a gay role.

Lesbianism Going Down In LA Tonight: Jesse Thomas & Milk Milk Lemonade

Fellow Californians: Tonight, and two of Hollywood’s chillest spots, not one but two legit gay girl girls events are happening. So legit that both AE Editors and I will be attending.

7PM: Jesse Thomas at Hotel Cafe

 jessethomasmusic just released a gorgeous and ass-shaking new album that I’m dying to check out live. 

10pm at Dirty Laundry: Milk Milk Lemonade Launch Party.

Yes, that chill spot where Angel Haze and Ireland Baldwin kicked it last week.

It’s a favorite of mine, because I’m cool. DJs GoodBoy and BounceHouse, the energetic DJ duo who ranked on AE’s Indisputable List Of Coolest Queer DJs, will be spinning so Trish and I will be dancing. 

I get a lot of requests to post about events or artists, but refuse to post about anything a. I wouldn’t personally attend or b. lame. 

So yeah, get cute, go out, and if you see Trish and I, say hi! We like you. 

Metro Station's "She Likes Girls" is about unrequited love for a lesbian

Miley Cyrus’s brother fronts a band whose new track is about dating a woman who is more interested in women:

I like you girl but you don’t seem excited

Since she walked in where has your mind been

talking to me but thinking about her

your secret is safe, I won’t say a word.

Let’s slow it down, I was moving too quick.

You don’t say you love me

You just bite your lip

I can read the signals from a mile away

I know she is on your mind and that’s OK


Maybe songs come from love and emotional growth, but humor comes from humiliation, alienation, and fuck ups. Featuring smack talk and jessethomasmusic's super gay new haircut. 

The queer history of Eleanor Roosevelt you won't see in the Ken Burns documentary

PBS’s “The Roosevelts” won’t talk about Eleanor’s close relationship with Lorena Hickok.

Watch Now! Rita Volk talks about Amy's love interests on "Faking It" Season 2

Looks like both Karma and Amy will try moving on, while also maintaining a friendship.

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